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Customer Testimonial: "This picture is what happens without Rolleaz!"


"I highly recommend that you own your own set of ROLLEAZ and here's why.

I have docking experience with 26', 32', 37', 36', 52' and 70' boats. Here on the Cumberland River, we have both current and wind. My big diesel engines on my 52' Coastal were not enough to stop the 7 mph side slip caused by a 35 mph storm. As you can see, I took out the whole vertical roof support beam. Needless to say, I had to pay to fix both the dock and my boat.

When I got my 72' River Yacht, I paid an additional $8,000 to have stern thrusters added. While that helps quite a bit, if you get blown against the end of the dock and/or square roof supports, all that sideways and forward  energy gets directed into the dock corner. If this happens, either the dock and boat could sustain damage, but usually both.

ROLLEAZ redirects that energy into the slip.  ROLLEAZ works with your docking skills and they are there for you when you really need them. I highly recommend that you own a set and use them for each new boat you get.  If you move to a new slip, take them with you.


You have boaters insurance to protect you from the expense of boat repairs.  A one time investment into your own set of ROLLEAZ gives much more protection. I highly recommend ROLLEAZ to all my boating friends. Get yours today!"

George S. Hastings, Jr., JD

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