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Q & A

What sizes does Rolleaz come in?

Rolleaz comes in sizes 2' to 6' tall. If you need taller, contact us, we'll custom make it.

Does one Rolleaz "fit all?"

Unfortunately not. Docks are made of all different types of materials (concrete, wood, aluminum, steel, etc.) Plus they are all different sizes. Also some have roofs and others don't. Because of this, we manufacture three different types of roller brackets for various mounting situations: Angle, Dock Corners, and Waterline. See the store for pictures of various applications.

How do I know which Rolleaz I need?

1. If you have a roof over your dock and have square posts, you should purchase our angled sets.

2. If you don't have a roof, you will need our dock corner mount sets and our waterline sets. 

See our "Pics" and "Store" pages for various applications. Still unsure what you need? Click here to ask us. Be prepared to send us pictures of your boat: bow and stern and the top and sides of your dock. 

What size Rolleaz do I need? 

It depends upon both your boat and dock arrangement. How many points of potential contact are there between your boat and the dock or posts? Is your bow higher than your stern? Factor in stormy and choppy weather as well as tide changes for stationary docks. Click on our SIZE page to learn how to determine which size of rollers you will need.

I am renting my boat slip, will the marina mind if I have them installed?

We have discovered that marina owners love us, here's why. When you install our angled sets to roof posts, not only does it protect your boat, it also protects the posts. Our angled sets add strength to all posts, especially aluminum dock posts. We do suggest that you get permission first, but once marina owners understand our product, they are more than happy to have them installed.

How many rollers do you recommend per slip?

We have discovered that boat owners who only purchase one set for the slip entry area/posts may still hit the dock or posts further in when docking. This is why we typically recommend no less than 2 to 3 sets (or 4 to 6 total) rollers per slip. Two at the point furthest out, two more on the next pole in, or about 1/4 way in, and two more toward the front of the boat. This application pretty much assures that no matter what the weather or current your boat is in, it isn't going to hit the dock or a post. Boats 50' and longer typically need more.

Does Rolleaz come with the mounting hardware?


No. The reason for this is because there are so many different installation applications and every application requires different hardware. We do however recommend that when mounting to posts that you use bolts that go all the way through the posts (no lag bolts) and use washers and lock nuts.

Do you install?

Yes. No matter where you live, we can install. We have company certified installers that are familar with our products and various applications of installation. Want a quote? Click here.

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