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Tools Needed:

1. Drill. Corded or cordless.

2. Solid Carbide Drill bits. Sizes: 13/32 and 1/4

3. Rope. 

4. 2 - C clamps will fit around the poles.

4. Tape Measure.

5. Level.

6. Sharpie marker.

7. Hardware appropriate for your installation. Bolts MUST go all the way through the poles. We recommend zinc because it's a stronger metal. 3/8 for angled and flat brackets. 1/2 for dock and waterline mount. Flat washers and lock nuts.


Post Mount Instructions:

1. Center Point: Your boat MUST be in the water and next to your dock. Measure the distance that your boat rub rail is from the top of your dock. You will need to measure both the bow and the stern. Let's say your bow rub rail is 22" inches  from the top of the dock and your stern is 12" from the top of the dock. Subtract 12 from 22". This leaves you with 10". This is distance that your boat could potentiallly rub against the rollers not including choppy waves. This is distance from the dock that the CENTER POINT of the rollers needs to be mounted on the dock pole. Mark a line at 10" from the dock surface.


2. Confirm Your Roller Size: Next add 12" to 10" = 22". The 12" is to give you 6" of clearance on both the top and bottom during choppy waves. So in this scenario 22" is your "Rolleaz number." It's the shortest distance of rollers you would need in your application. Since our rollers come in 12" increments, you would need to purchase 24" rollers to protect your boat properly. You always want to go up to the next size from your Rolleaz number. It's always better to have too many rollers for protection rather than not enough.

3. Tie Rope: Now that you have accurately measured and have confirmed that you have the right size rollers, it's time to install. You should have all poles marked at 10" from the dock surface. Next, tie a rope around the Rolleaz bracket and around the dock post. Why? In case you drop it during installation, you can fetch it from the water.

4. Mark Holes: Next attach the bracket to the post and C clamp it to the post. NOTE: Brackets are always mounted on outside of the pole. (The side where the boats enters the slip. See picture below.) Then take your sharpie and draw in all the bracket holes so that you know exactly where to drill. Depending upon what size bracket you purchased, you will have 4 to 6 or more marking on the post.

5. Drill Holes: Remove the bracket and set it aside. Drill all your holes. Start by spotting all your holes with a 13/32 bit. After spotting all your holes use a 1/4 carbide dril bit and drill though both sides of the pole.

6. Confirm Bolt Length: Make sure you have the right size hardware. Measure the pole thickness and add 3/4 inch to determine your bolt length.

7. Hang Brackets: Hang your bracket on the posts using the C clamps. Line the bracket up with all the holes. Put one bolt through the top of the Rolleaz bracket all the way through the pole. Install a washer and lock nut on the back side of the pole. Partially tighten. Install the rest of the bolts, washers and lock nuts. Tighten, but do not over tighten, especially on aluminum poles as the bend easily. Confirm that all nuts are tight. Repeat for each bracket.

Bolt heads should be on bracket side.

Washers and lock nuts on back side.

Notice that the Rolleaz bracket is mounted on the outside corner. (The side where the boat pulls into the slip.)

Center point in our example is 10" from the top of the dock.

Should be 6" of clearance from the highest point on the boat.

Should be 6" of clearance from the lowest point on the boat.

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